Stella Artois

Stella Artois, a Pilsner beer with a distinctive bright colour, was originally brewed as a Christmas seasonal brew, way back in 1926. It was so well received that it became available all year round and has been playing a starring role in winning establishments around the world ever since.


Stella Artois is still painstakingly brewed to perfection in a time-honoured tradition dating back to 1366, using only the finest ingredients and the same processes of mixing and fermentation.


Sold in more than 80 countries worldwide, Stella Artois is the best-selling Belgian premium lager in the world. It is the beer of choice for discerning, open-minded consumers, who appreciate a distinctive crisp taste and the craftsmanship that goes into producing and serving this premium lager of supreme quality and worth, which makes it very easy to say that “She’s a thing of Beauty”!

Stella Artois reaching gold standard in Malta
06, May 2015

An international trainer was recently in Malta to step up the Stella Artois serving ritual to the standards the top-end Belgian beer is renowned for worldwide.

Stella Artois Bottles, Cans and Kegs

Non-refillable OWG Bottle Packs

  • 33cl package (6 bottles per pack)


  • 50cl can pack (24 cans per pack)

Refillable Kegs

  • 30ltr keg (1 keg)

Malted Barley

Shelf life of OWG Bottle Packs: 
330cl glass package: 270 days

Shelf life of Cans: 50cl can package: 360 days

Shelf life of Refillable Kegs: 30ltr keg: 180 days

Ambient temperature. Serve chilled